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What are the places opened for public graffiti in riverside parks in Taipei?

Riverside parks with a graffiti wall in Taipei City

District                        Riverside Park       Location                                                                  Area(m2)
Songshan District       Yingfeng               About 500m towards upstream Keelung River         1,310
                                                                 from Keelung River Evacuation Gate 7.
Songshan District       Guanshan             About 20m towards downstream Keelung River       1,450
                                                                 from Keelung River Evacuation Gate 5 
Zhongshan District     Meiti                     Enter from the cross-levee ramp on Mingsui Road,    780
                                                                 it’s on the right-hand side.
Wenshan District        Xizhou                  From Jingmei Evacuation Gate 2                               360

Wenshan District        Jingmei                 Culvert surface under the Beixin Bridge                     200
                                                                 (Mingyuan Bridge)
Neihu District             Chengmei              Towards the Chenggong Bridge                               1,410
                                   Right Bank             from Keelung River Evacuation Gate 13.
Nangang District        Chengmei             Towards the Chenggong Bridge from                       2,120                                                                                           Left Bank              Keelung River Evacuation Gate 3.

There are‍ ‍seven legal graffiti areas in riverside parks in Taipei City. The HEO will repaint the graffiti walls every four months. If offensive patterns or political language are found on the graffiti walls, the HEO will directly remove them. When making graffiti in other locations, the Department of Environmental Protection will request the person in question to remove the graffiti according to Article 27, paragraph 2 of the Waste Disposal Act, and fined between NT$1,200 and NT$6,000 according to Article 50 of the act, whichever punishment is heavier.