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2018 Calla Lily Festival: Exploring the Beautiful Flower Show at Zhuzihu

2018 Calla Lily Festival: Exploring the Beautiful Flower Show at ZhuzihuWith the closing of Yangmingshan Flower Festival in mid-March, the festivities of blossoms and the great outdoors in Taipei’s backyard continue with the 2018 Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival!
The event, spotlighting the region around Zhuzihu Lake in Yangmingshan and the surrounding calla lily farms, will feature a lot of shows, great food, games, and the beautiful calla lilies.
During the festival period, the organizers have set up various backdrop scenes where visitors can take their selfies, as well as a temporary post office where tourists can purchase limited edition postcard and obtain postmark. The post office is located at the parking lot of Hutian Elementary School. All postcards will be collectively mailed on March 30, April 8, and April 9, so don’t miss your chance of sending warm greetings to relatives and friends.
There will also be an exhibition on local produce lasting from April 4 through 8. Visitors will be able to buy quality local farm merchandise as well as souvenirs of the Calla Lily Season. In addition, photo booths will be erected at Beitou District Farmers’ Association and Taipei Expo Park to allow participants to experience beautiful shots taken while surrounded by calla lilies.
Originally an area producing japonica rice and high mountain vegetable, Zhuzihu is currently home to a number of leisure farms and gardens. It is also well-known for calla lilies, accounting for 90-percent of the island supply of white calla lily (Z. aethiopica). The best time for flower viewing is during the months of March and April, with the flower season ending in May.
The Department of Economic Development has also set up “Selfie Spots of Happiness” at 10 locations in the vicinity of Zhuzihu, such as Dinghu Calla Lily Walkway, Aqua-friendly Park, and Hutian Bridge Tourist Center.
Traffic Control
The organizers remind visitors that traffic control measures will be implemented for Zhuzihu area on weekends and holidays between March 26 and April 29. The measures targeting passenger cars and trucks will be in place from 9 AM to 6 PM.
Control measures include a one-way, clockwise travel direction for the route spanning Hutian Bridge, Calla Lily Boulevard, and the forked intersection heading to Zhongzheng Mountain. Two-way traffic is permitted from Hutian Bridge eastward to Dinghu. Single-direction allowed for Dinghu section, but drivers may not make U-turns here. Vehicles may depart the area through the following detours:

  1. Take the newly-constructed Shiban Road to Yangjin Highway
  2. Take Zhuzihu Road to connect to the Bailaka Road
  3. Take the Zhonghu Road of Armaments   
For more information on the 2018 Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival, please visit the official Chinese website (www.callalily.com.tw) or the Facebook Chinese fan page of “臺北饗樂趣”.

Calla Lily at Zhuzihu 2018 Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival !