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2019 Taipei Literature Festival: Encountering Storytellers at the Street Corner

2019 Taipei Literature Festival: Encountering Storytellers at the Street Corner postOrganized by the Department of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) and implemented by Wenshun Magazine and Taiwan Film and Culture Association, the 2019 Taipei Literature Festival will take place from Saturday, March 2 through Thursday, June 6 at selected venues in Taipei.
The topics of this year’s festival will include the “Storytellers of Literature Lanes and Alleys” seminars and guided tours, “Leading by the Ears: Searching for Sounds of the Streets” exhibition, “Mobile Taipei, Storytelling by Districts – City Library Recommended Reading Exhibition,” and “Literature and Reading though Films – Satyajit Ray.” The organizers have also invited renowned screenplay and Chinese language novelist Geling Yan to visit Taiwan and share her works of literature and film with local readers.
The press conference for the festival was held at the Taipei Artist Village and featured music by organist Lin Chen-chin, with authors Hsu Wen-wei, Huang Mei-e, and Hang Liang-yi joining the students from the Affiliate Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University on stage for a short skit conveying the theme of this year’s event.
DOCA Deputy Commissioner Lee Li-chu noted that Taipei Literature Festival takes place roughly around March through June every year. This year is the first time that the organizers invite Chinese language novelist Geling Yan from abroad to take part in the event. Another highlight of this year’s event is the Literature Exhibition in April, which will merge literature with music, to stimulate the sense of hearing among the audience and encouraging them to learn more about both Taiwan’s and Taipei’s literary landscape.
Event Curator Feng De-ping remarked that she feels excited about the content plans for each part of the festival. Since the relocation of the island’s administrative center to Taipei after 1880, the region became the hub of exchange for new thoughts and different cultures, filling every corner of the area with literature and stories. Through activities such as seminars, guided tours, and exhibition, the organizers seek to herald in the spring of literature for the city.
The curator of the event’s movie showcase Yang Yuan-ling pointed out that the exhibition will bring participants from today’s world back to Taiwan in the 50’s and 60’s. The showcase also features a special section on the great movie master of India Satyajit Ray. There will also be screening sessions for adaptations of Yan’s novels at the exhibition as well.
Yan also addressed local readers through a prerecorded video clip, noting that it has been 11 years since her last visit to Taiwan during a book exhibition. She is honored for the invitation to this year’s event, and looks forward to exchanging views and thoughts with local readers and movie enthusiasts.
The 2019 Taipei Literature Festival will kick-off with the “Storytellers of Literature Lanes and Alleys” seminars on March 2. Heavy-weight domestic writers, publishers, and book store owners are invited to take part in 16 seminars, guided tours, and other activities to introduce participants to experience the city through the literary perspective.
Starting March 19, the organizers will collaborate with Taipei Public Library to host the one-month-long City Library Recommended Reading Exhibition, spotlighting works based on the four themes of “Book Street Mobility,” “Gender Mobility” “Reading and Rocking,” and “Ethnic Group Mobility.”
Beginning on April 26, the Leading by the Ears: Searching for Sounds of the Streets exhibition will be staged at the Bopiliao Historical Block. Visitors can explore the 5 themed exhibition zones to uncover the various links between reading and listening and searching for forgotten memories of Taipei. Visitors from younger generations can also learn about what Taipei looks like in the earlier years through presentation of landscapes and sounds.
For the inaugural International Chinese Language Author event, novelist Geling Yan will meet the public during two seminars slated for May 17 and 26, respectively. Yan is an award-winning writer, recognized by the United Daily News Literature Award and the China Times Million Dollar Award.
Finally, the Literature and Reading though Films Showcase will take place at the SPOT Taipei Film House from May 24 through June 6. With spotlights on legendary Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray, viewers will have a chance to enjoy the works of master of Indian art film and his take on human nature and universal values transcending generations. 
For more information, please visit the Chinese website of the 2019 Taipei Literature Festival