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Lady Zhou's Memorial Gate

Lady Zhou's Memorial Gate
  Lady Chou's first name was Juan. She was born in the 53rd year of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty (1788) and passed away in the 26th year of Emperor Daoguang (1846). She survived her husband at a very young age and raised their children. She was also known for being very filial to her parents-in-law. Because of Lady Chou's chaste deeds, Governor General Liu of Zhejiang and Fujian Provinces proposed to build a gate in memory of her and his proposal was approved in the 30th year of Emperor Daoguang (1850). The construction of the gate was completed in the 11th year of Xianfeng Emperor (1861).
 This gate was built with the stones from Guanyin Mountain and was susceptible to erosion. Part of it was destroyed by an earthquake in the 23rd year of Emperor Guangxu (1897). The monument was later renovated by Department of Civil Affairs.