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Can we request roads which do not satisfy the criteria for fire fighting passage, to be designated as fire fighting passage or red line for no parking?

There are two methods to meet your requirements if the road does not satisfy the criteria as fire fighting passage:
1. Within your neighborhood, conduct a community poll to designate the fire fighting passage: If more than 50% of the households on both sides of the road agree to the designation, the village head may apply to the Fire Department through the District Office, to designate the road as a fire fighting passage.
2. Directly apply to the Traffic Engineering Office of Taipei City Government for the designation of red line for no parking: fill in the details and send to 7th Floor, No.300, Songde Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City; Fax No.: 2759-9724. Please specify the name of the lane to be designated, the reason of designation and contact details.