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Taipei Art Awards 2023

The “Taipei Art Awards” is a competition exhibition which has been held annually by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum since the museum opened its doors in 1983. As one of Taiwan’s most forward-looking and iconic visual art awards, it encourages creations that are in tune with the spirit of the times and introduce more diversified ideas and creative energy. More than 220 submissions were submitted this year, and after a two-stage judging process, the finalists selected include Chuang Pei-Xin, Peng Si-Qi, Lee Li-Chung, Peng Wei, Lai Jiun-Ting, Chen Zhao-Hua, Wu Chia-Yun, Wu Wei-Ting, Chen Zi-Yin. On view in the exhibition of the "2023 Taipei Art Awards" are the artworks of these 9 nominees. The competition jurors will then select this year’s “Grand Prize” and several “Honorable Mention” after seeing the exhibition.