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The name BODO comes from director Huang Mingchuan’s 1993 film of the same name. Echoing the bizarre dreams and somewhat unreal sexual desires depicted in the film, artist Ting-Tong Chang bases his work on his personal experience, and portrays the experience of serving in the marine corps, along with the fantasies, desires, and violent behaviors of a masculine world in a tropical forest. Through the work, the artist further discusses the abstract construct of “man,” and how it gradually becomes a social reality aided by camouflage uniforms and instruments of killing.

At the same time, BODO brings together site-specific works, multilayered narratives, interactive technology, and multichannel sounds, transforming the museum into an automatic theater mixing reality and virtuality. In the exhibition, the audience’s viewing routes and choices will have an effect on how the story unfolds. In the complex multithreaded story, the audience become participants in a role-playing game, and everyone’s viewing experience becomes a unique existence unlike any other because of how they choose to experience the adventure.


※This project is presented in Mandarin, and contains contents of an erotic and violent nature. Audiences should be over 18 years old.