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Telling a Story with You: Once upon a Time in the Future

Once upon a time, there was a…

A long, long time ago…

Beyond seven mountain ranges and seven rivers…


Humans had already written The Epic of Gilgamesh in cuneiform script by the 2nd millennium BC. They knew that an unverifiable time and place, a protagonist, and a turning point, plus a pursuit, and in the process, someone who helps and another who creates obstacles, successfully forms a story of complete transformation. Still today, weaving together these elements and perhaps adding the same kind of mystery and magic produces a story that can harness the power of the reader’s imagination.


As part of this year’s educational programming, the Children’s Art Education Center is presenting the first of a two-part exhibition based on the concept of stories. Equipped with interactive experiences, such as role play and selection processes, the exhibition allows visitors to freely edit or introduce their own experiences into paintings, installations, video, and theatrical works. By summoning imaginative responses to objects, games, and role playing, while eliciting empathy for a variety of perspectives, visitors will be inspired to consider different ways of thinking and interpreting the material presented.


Titled Telling a Story with You: Once upon a Time in the Future, the exhibition features the work of seven artists, who have organized their own intentions, memories, goals, expectations, and explanations into stories that tell each and every detail while weaving recognition of themselves into an image of the world and their environments.



Curator | Wang Wei Ting


Artists | Lee Wen Cheng、Ho Isa、FAMEME x Me-Dia、Chang Ting Tong、Chang Chia Ying、Liu Yu、Jung Yeondoo