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If I lost my Taipei Card, can someone who found the card redeem all “Taipei Reward Point” in the card?

If you lose your Taipei Card and there are reward points on the card which haven’t been redeemed yet, you should file a lost card report (to suspend all transactions using the lost card) at the registration counter of Taipei Card or through Taipei Card’s official website.
Once the report has been filed and accepted, the missing Taipei Card will be invalidated and will be unable to accumulate or redeem reward points.
If the missing card is a registered card issued by Taipei Card System, the EasyCard Cooperation will be notified and will cancel the lost card (effective in 3 hours; the process cannot be undone). After confirming that card cancellation has taken effect, the EasyCard Cooperation will return the remaining balance on the missing card to the card holder.
After applying for a replacement card (people who lost their wellness card will need to bring their own EasyCard) at the counter of Taipei Card, the card holder can still transfer any unredeemed reward points to the new EasyCard .