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SPD Announces Plans for Universiade Venue Reassignment

SPD Announces Plans for Universiade Venue Reassignment

With the conclusion of the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei on August 30, the various competition venues have undergone refurbishing and been reassigned to other purposes.

According to the Department of Sports (SPD), the management of the majority of venues has been returned to their respective governing agencies. For example, Taipei Arena, which served as Universiade’s venue for basketball matches, has already began hosting other activities following the event’s closing.

The majority of venues used for Universiade events fall under two categories. The operation of newly-constructed facilities such as Taipei City Tennis Center and Taipei Heping Basketball Stadium has already been commissioned to other organizations in compliance with the Act of Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects. As for facilities temporarily assigned to hosting Universiade matches, the original agencies have reclaimed the management of these venues after the games.

The organization in charge of Taipei City Tennis Center is expected to take over before the end of September and will begin adding equipment and interior refurbishments. The facility will act as a center for promoting tennis sport as well as meeting the diverse sports needs of citizens. The Taipei Heping Basketball stadium is now open for event reservations.

The main stadium of Taipei Municipal Stadium will reopen to the public after maintenance of the field has been completed (The warm-up zone will reopen to the public on September 12). The majority of Universiade event venues including stadiums in New Taipei, Taoyuan Municipal Stadium, track and field venues, and swimming pools have already reopened. The Yingfeng Riverside Park Roller Sports Rink will start taking activity reservations starting October 1.

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