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Sign up for Rice Harvest Fun at Guandu Plain July 30

Sign up for Rice Harvest Fun at Guandu Plain July 30

Do you have any idea that the highly urbanized city of Taipei still boasts a vast expanse of paddy fields – albeit the last ones within city parameters? Guandu Plain, home to a diverse ecosystem, yields rice crops twice a year. What makes it special is that the second season rice production will see different generations of rice spikes growing in the same paddy.
To encourage the public to learn more about the rice culture while visiting Guandu Plain, the Department of Economic Development (DED) is joining hands with Beitou Farmers’ Association to organize the “2017 Beitou Rice Harvest Fun” event on July 30.

This year, the organizers seek to inject a bit of artistic flair into the harvest activity with installation art – rice straw ducks – created by students from Taipei National University of Arts and Yide Borough residents. The inspiration came from the custom of keeping ducks as an extra source of income by rice growers dwelling in the Guandu Plain during earlier periods.

The event will feature rituals of heaven worship and rice-harvesting competitions. Participants can try their hands at cutting the rice crops with sickles, using traditional threshing machines to thresh the rice grain, making rice straw dolls and charms, and more.

For those interested in making scarecrows or trying to operate a kiln, please register in advance (to register, call 02-2892-4185, ext. 330). Visitors will also have a chance to sample various rice delicacies at the event.

More information can be found at the Chinese website of DED (http://www.doed.gov.taipei/mp.asp?mp=105001) or the agency’s Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/doed.taipei/)

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