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2014 Yangmingshan Flower Festival

2014 Yangmingshan Flower Festival

In light of the early blooms brought about by the climate changes this year, the 2014 Yangmingshan Flower Season will kick off on January 29 and last through March 9.

The unexpected interchanges between cold fronts and mild weather brought about an early start to the cherry blossom season, followed by blooming season for other flowers in the park area such as narcissus, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, viburnums, and euscaphis.

This year’s events will take place across six major venues including Yangmingshan Park, Floriculture Experiment Center, Zhongshan Building, Lin Yutang House, Shuangxi Park, and Shilin Residence.

Visitors will find themselves surrounded by sakura flowers when they visit the Yangmingshan Park which is home to over 1,000 cherry blossom trees; the Floriculture Experiment Center comes in second place with 320 trees on its premises.

2014 Yangmingshan_2In addition to the rich plant life in the mountains, visitors can also catch glimpses of beautiful avian species in the area such as Taiwan Blue Magpie, Taiwan Barbet, and Taiwan Whistling Thrush. Bird watchers will definitely want to take this great opportunity to observe these rare birds in action.

The opening ceremony on January 29 will feature the latest works by sculptor A-sun Wu, including “Family Tree” (created from the remains of seven camphor trees) and “Mother Earth” (created from fossilized tree trunk dating back 60 million years).

The organizers will also hold a series of events celebrating the occasion, including a concert on February 28 at Zhongshan Building, writing composition contest, and mountain cleaning activities.

For more information, please visit the official Chinese website of the 2014 Yangmingshan Flower Season at: (Chinese).

Traffic and Public Transportation

Due to an overwhelming number of visitors during the flower season, the city government will be implementing traffic control for roads leading to Yangmingshan on weekends and holidays during the event period. The measures will be in place from 6 AM to 4 PM for uphill traffic, and 2 PM to 6 PM for downhill traffic. The checkpoint for uphill traffic control is located at the entrance of Fuxing Bridge (Lane 1, Section 2, Zhishan Road); the checkpoint for downhill traffic lies at the intersection of Yangming Road and Zhongheng Street.

To avoid traffic hassles, city hall encourages visitors to take advantage of public transportation. The following public transportation options will be available for visitors at the respective MRT Stations:

MRT Taipei Main Station: Route 260 and Flower Festival Shuttle 126.

MRT Shilin Station and MRT Jiantan Station: Routes 260, 303, R5, S15, Leisure Bus 111, Flower Festival Shuttle routes 126, and 127.

MRT Beitou Station: Routes 129, 230, S9, and S25.

MRT Shipai Station: Routes 535, S8, and Leisure Bus 128.

MRT Jiannan Road Station: Route 681.

2014 Yangmingshan_1MRT Wanfang Community Station: Leisure Bus Route 109.

*Special Notice for Chinese New Year Holiday Bus Services: Buses 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 130 (shuttle), and 131 are scheduled to depart every 30 minutes between January 30 and February 4. The last bus will depart 1 hour ahead of regular schedule. The number of services will be adjusted based on passenger turnout.

For park-and-ride visitors, the city government suggests the use of the following parking facilities. The bus stops for buses heading up the mountain are within a short walk from the respective car parks:

Bailing High School Underground Parking Lot: This facility is located near MRT Jiantan Station. Please refer to the buses available at MRT Jiantan Station listed above.

Fulin Park Underground Parking Lot: Routes R5, S15 (including S15 shuttle), 109, 111, 126, 127, 260 (including 260 shuttle and Flower Clock Line), and 303 (including 303 shuttle).

Taipei Veterans General Hospital Parking Lot: Routes 128 and S8.

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