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Mayor: Public, Private Sectors Should Team up to Improve Women’s Welfare

Mayor: Public, Private Sectors Should Team up to Improve Women’s Welfare

Mayor Ko Wen-je delivered greetings in Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian during his address at a yearend party for the City’s women’s organizations on December 5. He also joined participants in making indigo dye, toothpaste, and tasting Indonesian delicacies.

During his speech, Ko praised the facility for its sound equipment and space management which allows for interaction among women’s groups. The space also provides a platform conducive to collaboration and experience-sharing between the public and private sectors, playing a role in advancing women’s welfare.

Women encounter different types of problems during different stages in their life, the mayor reckoned. They will be more capable of dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace if they have access to a learning environment highlighting gender quality at school. In a society venerating traditional values, women are also expected to take up the responsibility of looking after kids and elders.

Therefore, more joint effort from the government and private corporations to improve care systems for both infants and the elderly will in turn help relieve some of women’s burden.

Ko noted that the purpose of the visit is to inspect the progress of the facility’s effort in promoting women’s rights. He expressed his approval of the institution’s operations, as well as its role in arranging a variety of events from performances to cooking sessions.

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