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Kicking off Yangmingshan Yam Season in Retro Style

Kicking off Yangmingshan Yam Season in Retro Style

The annual Yangmingshan Yam Season is here! Starting noon on November 29, a range of yam-themed activities will enliven Taipei Expo Park and Jianguo Holiday Flower Market.

Jointly organized by Department of Economic Development (DED), Shilin Farmers' Association, and Chi-Hsin Agricultural Development Foundation, the event will take visitors on a time travel journey to discover how farmers in the past cultivated yam. The public will also be able to learn about knowledge about the plant and how it is transformed into various kinds of delicacies.

Over the weekend of December 2 and 3, a yam products fair reminiscent of childhood grocery stores will take place at Jianguo Holiday Flower Market, featuring “purchase-to-earn-points” activity among other interactive games. With a purchase of NT$300, visitors will be eligible to play ring toss and have a chance to bring home limited supply of prizes including fresh yam and handmade yam steamed buns.

In addition, gourmands should not miss out on the opportunity to sign up for the yam dish cooking classes or reserve a table of the yam feast. Online registration starts 12 noon on November 29 at the event’s website (Chinese).

Those wishing to prepare yam dishes themselves are welcome to order fresh yam from the fields by calling (02)2882-8959, ext. 601~602 or go for a limited-edition yam gift set at the retailer of Shilin Farmers’ Association (address: No. 342, Wenlin Road, Shilin District)

For inquiries about the Yangmingshan Yam Season, visit DED’s Facebook fan page at (Chinese)

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