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New Life for Old Clothing: Class on Making Recycled Yarn at URS27M

New Life for Old Clothing: Class on Making Recycled Yarn at URS27M

In the interest of promoting arts and crafts, the URS27M Jiaoshan Youtai invited artist and the founder of mee.textile Eileen Chung to hold 4 textile workshop sessions at the institution on November 24 and December 1.

URS27M is the only Urban Regeneration Station located on Yangmingshan, located near the site of former dormitories of US military personnel and Chinese Culture University.

The deserted dormitory complex was included in the URS project in 2013. Through a series of arts and cultural activities over the years, the facility has become a center of attention for local communities and arts enthusiasts. In 2017, the city government officially commissioned the operation of the facility to private sector partners.

As the warm-up event leading up to the official opening of URS 27 M, the workshop will teach participants how to make the most out of old clothing at home. The class will offer step-by-step guidance through the procedures of recycling, cropping, and dying to produce unique and affordable yarn materials. The workshop is free of charge for the public.

For more information on the classes and activities, please visit the Facebook fan page of URS27M ( or the Chinese website of Village Taipei ( Details are also available via contacting Urban Regeneration Office (TEL: 02-2781-5696, ext. 3127, Mr. Chiu) or BIAS Architects (TEL: 02-2836-6320, ext. 13, Ms. Hsu).

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