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Taipei Takes Part in Matsuyama Goods Fair

Taipei Takes Part in Matsuyama Goods Fair

The 2-day “Ehime Matsuyama Goods Fair” took place in Matsuyama City’ Shiroyama Park over the weekend of November 18. To promote Taipei to local residents, the Department of Information and Tourism took part in the fair by organizing a booth offering fun, snacks, and games for visitors.

Dignitaries stopping by Taipei’s booth at the fair include Ehime Prefecture Governor Tokihiro Nakamura and Matsuyama City Mayor Katsuhito Noshi.

During the opening ceremony in the morning of November 18, Mayor Noshi informed the audience that Taipei’s booth will be offering authentic street snacks prepared by Taiwanese chefs, as well as numerous trinkets for those visiting the booths.

The design of Taipei’s booth emphasized traditional lanterns. For the event, the staff has prepared travel pamphlets on Taipei City in Japanese. Visitors who upload a picture of themselves at the booth will receive a small souvenir as well. For fun games, to promote the “Feel Taipei” campaign targeting Japanese travelers, the staff organized a toss-the-dice game where participants can bring home free cough drops if the dice ends with the “Feel Taipei” face pointing up.

For the tasting samples of Taipei’s well-known night markets, the delegation invited members from a number of commercial districts in Taipei (Yuanshan, Maokong, Gongguan, Xinbeitou and more) to prepare entrees such as beef noodle, braised pork rice, Chinese hamburger, and brown sugar ginger tea.

The Ehime Matsuyama Goods Fair is the largest goods and industry exhibition in Ehime Prefecture. Participants include over 300 units spanning local businesses, groups, and individuals displaying or selling merchandise ranging from local specialties, food, craftwork, and more.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government