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Taipei-Paris Forum Establishes Link, Forming a Creativity Ecosystem for Both Cities

Taipei-Paris Forum Establishes Link, Forming a Creativity Ecosystem for Both Cities

The Taipei-Paris Innovation Forum was held on the sixth floor of Taipei New Horizon Building on November 15. The theme for this year’s forum is “Driving Innovation for Industry.”

This is the second year the forum is being held, with Taipei City Government joining hands with France to organize the event.

During his address, Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong pointed out that innovation and international exchange are the key motivating factors for driving city vitality and development of local industries. The collaboration on projects such as autonomous bus tests and Nuit Blanche Taipei allowed the City to demonstrate its energy in culture and innovation.

Director Benoit Guidee of the French Office in Taipei noted that in the past Taiwan was not familiar with the market of Western Europe. However, growing exchanges between Taiwan and France in recent years encouraged local entrepreneurs to explore new opportunities. This year alone, 4 companies in Taipei have set up operations in Paris, while 30 French companies also established footholds in Taiwan – with the majority located in Taipei City.

Economic Development Commissioner Lin Chung-chieh presented a speech on the implementation of innovation and industry development at the forum. He noted that in the interest of boosting exchange opportunities between local startups and French experts, the forum invited companies and businesses interested in exploring opportunities to the forum for discussion and networking with counterparts from Paris.

Other forum guests include industry experts such as Carine Sit of Schoolab, Founder Tim Shyu of Wavenet Technology, and Justine Michel from Paris&Co.

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