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Quanyuan Park Feet Soaking Pool Closed for Repair

Quanyuan Park Feet Soaking Pool Closed for Repair

The feet soaking pond at Quanyuan Park is currently closed for repair and will be reopened to the public on November 21 (reopening time may come earlier if work is complete ahead of schedule).

Known for its sulfurous qualities, the hot springs of Beitou District has a great appeal for tourists visiting Taipei. However, the high sulfur content of the hot spring water also damages wells and pipelines in the surroundings.

After receiving reports of likely water clogging at the hot spring well inside Quanyuan Park which resulted in low water supply hampering operations, a group of experts were invited to the site to conduct assessment on November 13. Following initial assessment and work planning, the city government announced that the facility will be closed for a 7-day period to undergo repair works.

The city government suggests visitors who are looking for feet soaking ponds to head up to Fuxing Park or Sulfur Valley:

Sulfur Valley Foot-soaking Recreation Area:
Address: The foot soaking area is located inside the Sulfur Valley Recreation Area (Right across from No. 77, Quanyuan Road, Beitou District).
Hours: 8 AM – 6 PM, Tuesday through Sunday
Public Transportation: Take MRT to MRT Beitou Station and transfer to routes S7, S9, or S26. Disembark at “Mituo Temple” stop.

Fuxing Park Foot-soaking Recreation Area:
Address: Located right across from No. 61, Zhonghe Street, Beitou District
Hours: 8 AM – 6 PM, Tuesday through Sunday
Public Transportation:

  1. Take any of the following bus and disembark at Xinbeitou stop: 216 Shuttle, 218, 218 Shuttle, 218 Express, 223, 266, 602, S6, or Neihu Technology Park Commuter 16, or Nangang Software Commuter Beitou Line.
  2. Take any of the following buses to Beitou Park stop: 129, 230, S7, S9, S22, S26.

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  • Updated: 2017/11/15 15:38
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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government