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Urban Regeneration School to Present Results in Community Engagement and Empowerment

Urban Regeneration School to Present Results in Community Engagement and Empowerment

Urban Regeneration Office (URO) will be holding a host of result presentations for the City’s “Urban Regeneration School” in Wenshan, Wanhua, and Daan districts on November 12 and 18.

As part of the “Taipei Transition” program, the School was established earlier this year to encourage public participation of community affairs. Residents who signed up for the School have been involved in discussions about topics ranging from urban renewal, community empowerment, anti-aging cities, eco cities, to resilient cities.

The project has borne fruit following six months of effort by the participants. On November 12, Zhishan Community Development Association will conduct an activity to raise awareness on the importance of both mental and physical health, teaching people tips to rejuvenate the mind and body.

On November 18, the “Meet Horie-cho” and “Sugar Mill Guided Tour” will take place in Wanhua District. Highlights include tea-brewing and bonsai-growing hands-on sessions as well as micro travel that takes people on an exploratory journey of Wanhua’s cultural treasure.

Interested in immersing yourself in an environment brimming with humanistic air? Take a stroll at “Wen-Luo-Ting” neighborhood of Gongguan area and get involved in the handmade book and moss ball DIY experience in Daan District. To be held on the same day is the disaster prevention workshop, which will introduce residents to the role of communities in shaping a resilient city starting 3 PM at Wenzhou Park.

To learn more about Taipei Transition program, visit its Facebook fan page at (Chinese) or call (02)2781-5696, ext. 3186 and (02)2700-7055.

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