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Mayor Promotes MIT Stab-proof Shirt, Lauds Commercial District Transition

Mayor Promotes MIT Stab-proof Shirt, Lauds Commercial District Transition

On November 4, Mayor Ko Wen-je took to the stage to promote the local garment business for the neighborhood of Bangka in the west part of Taipei City.

During his address, the mayor noted that the City is working with the central government to help Bangka revitalize and help the commercial district transform by adding elements of retail business to the wholesale hub.

He also pointed out that Made-in-Taiwan designer’s fashion garments available for affordable prices attract many customers. Also, the introduction of stab-proof shirts this year is another progress from last year’s stab-proof handbags, promising to become popular merchandise among law enforcement communities.

With each commercial district in Taipei boasting its respective merchandise and services, the Bangka Clothing and Vestment District has always served as an industry cluster for garment businesses due to its convenient location.

As a result of the city government’s implementation of the West District Gateway Project over the past few years, the old district has seen signs of revitalization. Achievements include the new twin tower landmark in Wanhua District and opening up of Starbucks at the historical Lin Family Mansion, as well as providing local businesses with assistance in restructuring and renovation.

Starting November 11, the city government will organize activities to promote the area, including catwalk shows spotlighting fall and winter fashion by local businesses. For more information, please visit the Chinese website of Taipei City Office of Commerce ( or its Facebook fan page.

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