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Volunteers Wanted at Taipei Confucius Temple

Volunteers Wanted at Taipei Confucius Temple

To cope with the growing number of foreigners visiting the Taipei Confucius Temple, the city government is recruiting volunteers interested in providing guide services or performing regular rituals at the popular tourist attraction.

Those interested in becoming a foreign language volunteer must look neat and well-groomed, articulate, and are proficient in languages such as English, Japanese, Spanish, or others. Volunteers will provide services including guidance for tourists at the visitor information center, historical site tour guiding, as well as support for educational activities and Confucianism related events.

In addition, Taipei Confucius Temple also invites Confucianism enthusiasts to sign up as a member of the “Yayue Dance Volunteer Group.” Yayue, originally a form of court music and dance performed in ancient China, is practiced at the Temple every weekend and well-received by tourists. Those enrolled in the group will be trained required skills, for example how to play the traditional musical instruments and do imperial dance moves for six months, to ensure high quality performances.

Department of Civil Affairs Commissioner Lan Shih-tsung noted that through volunteering in introduction of Confucian heritage and regular performances and exhibitions, Taipei Confucius Temple seeks to boost its charisma as a culturally-rich tourist spot.

Visit (Chinese) to download the application form for the volunteer program. Registration ends on November 15. For inquiries, please call 02-25923934, ext. 17 (for foreign language volunteers) or 02-25923934, ext. 22 (for Yayue dance volunteers)

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government