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European Food Fest at Taipei 101 Highlights German Beer Enjoyment

European Food Fest at Taipei 101 Highlights German Beer Enjoyment

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the European Food Festival at Taipei 101 Fountain Plaza in the evening of October 27.

Jointly organized by Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) and Taipei 101, the event is part of the city government’s “Taste the Best of the World in Taipei” campaign that seeks to promote the culinary richness of the metropolis

From October 27 through November 12, Taipei 101 Fountain Plaza will feature a fair showcasing European cuisine, music and dance performances, as well as the essence of German beer culture – Oktoberfest – the famous beer festival of the Western European country.

During his address, Ko noted that Taipei boasts a plethora of gastronomic attractions thanks to its cultural diversity. The capital of the island not only takes pride in its great variety of traditional snacks, but is also home to a wide selection of exotic foods. The interaction between different food cultures will stimulate creative development of gourmet foods, the mayor reckoned.

Impressed by the organizers’ authentic presentation of Oktoberfest from the costumes to the snacks, Ko invited the public to participate in the festival, relishing delicious foods and all the joyous activities in a true European style.

As a ritual to start the German beer fest, Ko joined Director General of the German Institute Taipei Martin Eberts, Executive Director of German Trade Office Taipei Axel Limberg, and Taipei 101 Chairman Joseph Chou in tapping a beer barrel. The mayor also presented Taiwanese-style beer and ham hock as a gift to the German dignitaries to signal the start of the 17-day extravaganza.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government