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Mayor Attends Opening Ceremony for Beitou Wahaha Mutual Assistance Family

Mayor Attends Opening Ceremony for Beitou Wahaha Mutual Assistance Family

On October 24, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the opening ceremony for Beitou “Wahaha Mutual Assistance Family.” He noted that this is the fourth mutual assistance family for victims of dementia in Taipei.

The establishment of such centers allows families with dementia patients to help and provide support for each other. Through these interactions, care for seniors with dementia can be further fine-tuned.

The mayor expressed his gratitude to the founder of Beitou Culture Foundation doctor Hong De-ren for his efforts in establishing the facility. He hopes that with the expansion of mutual assistance bases, better approaches toward care for dementia patients can be developed.

Ko also noted that he is extremely excited to be at the opening ceremony, because the venue served as the dormitory for previous principals of Fuxing Senior High School. He recalled visiting the abandoned building half-a-year ago, pointing out how NT$3 million in renovation cost can restore the site from a stage of desertedness to its former glory.

With similar centers established in Shilin, Zhongzheng, and Zhongshan districts, the Beitou center is the fourth of its kind in Taipei City. Noting how hard it is for individual families to take care of members with dementia, Ko believes that the burden can be lessened when five families take care of five patients, where interactions among the members opens up opportunities for mutual support.

The center consists of a large farming plot with surrounding walkways and a plaza which allows patients to conduct outdoor activities. In addition, its close distance to Fuxing High School offers a chance for students to serve as volunteers and interact with the elders.

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