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Subsidy Application Available for Building Wall Overhauls

Subsidy Application Available for Building Wall Overhauls

To enhance the structural integrity of the outer walls of old and dated buildings, the city government devised the “Subsidy Application Guidelines for Repairing Outer Wall Surfaces of Buildings in Taipei City” to subsidize citizens in related projects.

Subsidies for projects involving 276 edifices have been approved since 2014, with total cost amounting to NT$8,003,508.

To facilitate the application process, the city government relaxed the guidelines, making it possible for private buildings in Taipei City to apply for the subsidy (including public housing communities with established management associations). The application period is between February and December each year.

Applications must be submitted on per-building basis, with the building in question being 10 years old or older. Only projects repairing walls facing roads are eligible for the subsidy, with the maximum limit being NT$40,000 per building. Only established management committees or individuals receiving the consent of over 50-percent of the building’s inhabitants can submit the application.

The application process is divided into 2 phases: Documents including photos showing the conditions before renovation and agreement forms should be submitted before the start of the project. Proofs such as receipt, warranty form, and pictures after the overhaul should be submitted to collect the subsidy.

For more information on the subsidy, please contact the Building Administration’s Office (TEL: 2725-8401, Mr. Chung) or visit the agency’s Chinese website (

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