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Bravo Receives New Title – Mascot of Taipei

Bravo Receives New Title – Mascot of Taipei

The Summer Universiade bear mascot Bravo bear has landed a new job as the mascot of Taipei City.

During the international sports meet, Bravo-themed merchandise was so well-received that much of the stocks were depleted quickly. Even Universiade badminton gold medalist Tai Tzu-ying revealed that she has a collection of Bravo plush dolls in various styles, indicating that the mascot has won the heart of a great number of fans.

In a thank-you dinner for Universiade volunteers on September 20, Mayor Ko Wen-je presented a gold medal to Bravo as a token of appreciation from Taipei City Government for the mascot’s service. Having its own office in the City Hall, the bear will take on the responsibility of promoting city policies and tourism campaigns in the future.

Ko expressed his gratitude to Bravo for its effort to market the 2017 Universiade. He commended the bear for actively seeking new jobs and ways to strengthen its potentials after the conclusion of the sports event.

Since the Universiade drew to a close, Bravo has submitted its resume at the Xinyi Employment Services Station hoping to secure a new job. A number of companies across different industries expressed their interest and made good offers to the prospective employee, including CatWalk Production House, 7-Eleven, Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, and others.

To acquire more professional skills, Bravo also visited some of the City’s established businesses to work as an apprentice. These shops include Ri Xing Type Foundry, Lee’s Bakery, and Shengji Chinese Pharmacy.

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  • Updated: 2017/9/21 16:54
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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government