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City News Receives ASOCIO Digital Government Award Receives ASOCIO Digital Government Award

Taipei City has claimed the Digital Government Award organized by Asian-Oceanian Computing (ASOCIO) for its “” service launched in June this year. Information Technology Commissioner Lee Wei-bin received the honor at the gala dinner of 21th World Congress on Information Technology.

Adopting the theme of “Innovative Taipei of Asia, the Taipei Pavilion showcased a smart display zone during the WCIT 2017 event. Visitors were able to witness the City’s achievements in fintech through electronic payments.

Lee pointed out that the software development environment in Taiwan is growing mature. Residents have started to try new forms of payment methods in an age where mobile payments abound. “,” designed with the core purpose of integrating public service fee information, allows industry players to tap into the online payment market while benefiting residents with a convenient and smart platform. The award serves to recognize the City’s effort in digital governance employing information and communications technology.

Since its introduction, has reported 250,000 transactions, involving NT$21 million in public service fees. Department of Information Technology plans to expand the scope of the online service, at the same time seeking to drive the growth of smart payment market.

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  • Updated: 2017/9/14 16:34
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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government