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Explore the Botanical World through the Lens on September 2

Explore the Botanical World through the Lens on September 2

The Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) will be holding a photography exhibition and a seminar at Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden on September 2. The event features works by renowned botanical photographer Hsieh Chia-ling, as well as tips for taking beautiful pictures of plants by award-winning educationalist Kuo Tsung-te.

As a way to increase the diversity of environmental education, the event seeks to engage the public in photo-shooting activities that allow participants to interact with nature and enhance their aesthetics, while at the same time cultivating the environmental awareness of those involved, PSLO Director remarked.

According to Kuo, the seminar comprises two activities: The first game involves participants randomly drawing a topic from the lot to photograph based on the objects inside Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden. The participants must complete their photo shoot within a given amount of time and upload their works onto the Garden’s Facebook page. The speaker will then evaluate their works.

The second part of the seminar will focus on light—the essence of photography. Kuo will instruct the participants to take photos of the garden’s botanic ecology using different light sources to create various effects. They will be encouraged to incorporate their own observation and props to create unique works.

To register, please visit (Chinese) or contact Mr. Tai via mobile phone (0987-106716) or email:

Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden
Facebook page: (Chinese)
Official website: (Chinese)

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