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Weightlifting Champion Joins Mayor, Revelers at Riverside Fireworks

Weightlifting Champion Joins Mayor, Revelers at Riverside Fireworks

The annual Dadaocheng Fire Works Show took place on August 26. The event celebrates the upcoming Chinese Valentine’s Day with a fireworks show and is part of the spotlight event of the 2017 Taipei Riverside Music Festival.

Mayor Ko Wen-je appeared on stage with the new Universiade weightlifting medalist and world record breaker Kuo Hsing-chun. Knowing that Kuo enjoys playing the piano, the mayor presented the athlete with a music box in the shape of a piano. The mayor also took this opportunity to give his wife a Valentine’s Day present, and wished all lovebirds out there a happy Chinese Valentine’s Day and the Universiade success.

The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) invited celebrities from across Asia to perform at the show, including Japanese pop singer Kousuke Atari, Malaysian singer-songwriter Joyce Chu, Taiwanese pop singer Wawa, and Reggae band MATZKA.

The long-awaited fireworks show kicked-off with “Moonriver” as the opening theme. Other songs played throughout the spectacle include classics such as “What is Love Like” by Liu Wen-zheng, “Passionate Roses” by Nine One One, “An Indigenous Girl is Getting Married,” “Missing You Everyday,” and more.

The 2017 Taipei Riverside Music Festival comprised numerous activities and musical events taking place at various riverside parks of the city over the past two months. This year, TPEDOIT also collaborated with its counterpart in Taipei’s sister city of Houston to organize a raffle event offering winners a trip to the US city.

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