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TCAP to Hold Kids Painting Contest, Introduces New Car Racing Feature

TCAP to Hold Kids Painting Contest, Introduces New  Car Racing Feature

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park (TCAP) has joined hands with Quanta Education and Culture Foundation to organize a painting competition on August 26 to discover the future art talents.

The event, open to 500 participants, will take place at the Hopping Square between 10:10 AM and 4:10 PM on August 26. Children interested in the activity should take a photo of any spot in the park and check-in on the Facebook fan page to register. Participants will receive free painting tools and a gift after submitting their works. An online vote will be conducted on the Quanta Education and Culture Foundation’s Facebook fan page ( to determine the top 10 drawings.

Kids not taking part in the event can also take a photo in front of the event’s cardboard photo booth and upload it to the Facebook fan page of TCAP ( or the Foundation ( to obtain a souvenir – with a limited supply of 100 sets.

In addition to the event to inspire talented young artists, TCAP also invites kids to try the new facility – GoGo Car Racing. Located on the 3rd floor, the remote control car racing game allows users to pursue the excitement of racing regardless of age or height. The cost is NT$50.

To attract more visitors while reflecting upon public opinions, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) took the opportunity to announce a park policy adjustment. Starting September 1, infants up to 2-year-old or toddlers no taller than 85 centimeters are eligible to take rides for free in the company of parents or guardians! The people accompanying the toddlers still need to pay for the rides. To be eligible for the offer, children should provide birth certificate or have their height measured.

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