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Shuttles Services Available for Saturday’s Dadaocheng Fireworks Event

Shuttles Services Available for Saturday’s Dadaocheng Fireworks Event

With the approach of the Dadaocheng fireworks event of the 2017 Taipei Riverside Music Festival this Saturday (August 26), the Public Transportation Office has arranged temporary shuttle services to provide event-goers with convenient access to the venue.

On the day of the event between 2:30 PM and 10 PM, the temporary shuttle service 136 will transport passengers between MRT Shuanglian Station and Dadaocheng wharf. The cost of the ride is 1 zone standard fare.

The bus stop “MacKay Memorial Hospital” for shuttle 136 is located next to Exit 2 of MRT Shuanglian Station. Passengers can board the bus and travel all the way to either “Minsheng West Road Entrance (Dadaocheng Wharf)” stop or “Nanjing West Road Entrance (Button Street)” stop – both next to the event venue.

For visitors arriving at MRT Daqiaotou Station, they can take any of the following south-bound buses to “Minsheng Chongqing Intersection” bus stop (which is located next to the event venue) from the “MRT Daqiaotou Station” bus stop at Exit 2: 2, 215, 223, 288 shuttle, 302, 304 Chongqing Line, 601, or 757.

PTO also announced minor adjustments to bus services with stops in the vicinity of the event. For more information on affected routes, please visit the ebus website ( or call bus information automated helpline (TEL: 0800-00-5284).

For questions related with bus routes, please call the 1999 Citizen’s Hotline or visit the Chinese website of PTO (

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  • Updated: 2017/8/24 15:09
  • Reviewed: 2017/10/2 15:20

  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government