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Taipei Universiade Merchandise in High Demand

Taipei Universiade Merchandise in High Demand

With Taipei Universiade continuing to gain momentum after opening on August 19, sales of related merchandise have also surged. The Organizing Committee urges the public to pick up souvenirs before stock runs out!

According to the Organizing Committee, the daily sales of Universiade-themed products easily exceed NT$3 million. Some of the highly sought-after commodities include Bravo dolls; Bravo mini flutes; Bravo charms; cheer towels; colored T-shirts with the pattern of “Taipei” in Chinese, and a wide range of Bravo sweets and snack sets.

To show its gratitude for the support of residents as well as athletes from around the world, the Organizing Committee announced that the shelves of souvenir stores will be restocked with 3,000 mini Bravo dolls and cheer towels on August 23. Seize the opportunity to grab one while stock lasts!

There are over 40 outlets across the island where Universiade merchandise can be acquired, including 6 online platforms and 35 brick-and-mortar stores. These venues include stadiums hosting the finals of individual sports events, Taipei Huashan, MAJI flagship store, Grand Hyatt Hotel, National Palace Museum, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park, and Kaohsiung’s Hongmaogang and Pier-2 stores.

To check the availability of Universiade souvenirs, please call the Organizing Committee (02)2570-7017, ext. 2071 or visit the merchandise website

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  • Updated: 2017/8/24 15:08
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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government