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Amazing Guandu -- Dazzling Sea of Flowers to Meet the Public August 25

Amazing Guandu -- Dazzling Sea of Flowers to Meet the Public August 25

The “2017 Amazing Guandu” will kick off on August 25. The event is part of the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO)’s initiative to beautify the City and promote the Summer Universiade.

Located on a 12-hectare plot of greenery between Beitou Shilin Technology Park and Zhoumei Xianzigang Park, the vast Guandu Sea of Flowers is surrounded by a plethora of natural and cultural resources, including the Datun mountain range to its north, Tianmu district to its east, and Taipei Children’s Amusement Park across Keelung River and Waishangxi River.

The Amazing Guandu event, boasting a six-month long floral feast lasting from August 2017 through February 2018, seeks to add a profusion of colors to the international sports event. Five types of flowers will take turns gracing the area, including zinnia, garden cosmos, yellow cosmos, angel flower, and sunflower.

Mayor Ko Wen-je, who will be cutting ribbons for the carnival’s opening at 4 PM on August 25, invites the public to join him in touring the garden. Taipei Symphony Orchestra will stage a concert spotlighting a repertoire of flower-themed songs from east and west. Other highlights include street dance performances by students from Chinese Culture University and photography sessions involving four models posing against a backdrop of beautiful flowers.

The organizers will also hold an online activity one week ahead of the opening of Amazing Guandu to give away 50 sets of PAUL Bakery afternoon tea snacks to 50 participants who leave messages on the activity website. The first 200 visitors who upload their photos taken at the Universiade-themed photo booths at the event will also receive a mini bonsai!

To learn more about the floral festival, visit the Facebook fan page at (Chinese)

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