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North Gate Plaza to be Unveiled Soon

North Gate Plaza to be Unveiled Soon

On July 25, Deputy Mayor Charles Lin arrived at North Gate to inspect ongoing constructions aiming at transforming the surrounding area into a pedestrian plaza. He hoped that the project can be finished according to schedule, giving back to citizens a brand-new historical landmark.

Following the removal of surrounding overpasses earlier this year, the North Gate regained its status as one of the major monuments of Taipei City. The Public Works Department carried out the project involving the overhaul of surrounding landscape. The project is slated for completion on July 29.

According to Lin, the center of the plaza is located at the North Gate. The plaza is surrounded by numerous historical structures such as “Ministry of Railways,” “Taipei Post Office,” “OSK Taipei Office,” and “Mitsui Warehouse” that date back to the Japanese Colonial Era. The Qing Dynasty monuments include Futai Street Mansion and Machinery Bureau.

Director Huang Li-yuan of Parks and Street Lights Office pointed out that unlike regular urban landscape, the North Gate Plaza boasts installations to both the east and west sides of the building which highlight the relationship between the city gate and the city walls long gone.

Chief Hong from the agency’s Public Work Division noted that the total amount of green space taken up by the plaza spans 6865 square meters. The most challenging aspect of constructions is to lower the elevation of the area surrounding the gate through manual labor to the height during Qing dynasty. Information on the North Gate and surrounding area is also inscribed onto a facility at the plaza.

The North Gate Plaza Landscape Project is part of the West District Gateway Project aimed at recreating some of Taipei’s forgotten landscape from the past. Upon completion, the North Gate will be illuminated by nighttime illumination to highlight its role as the city’s landmark in the old district.

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