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Mayor: Make Street Dance an Iconic Trait of Taipei’s Youth Culture

Mayor: Make Street Dance an Iconic Trait of Taipei’s Youth Culture

Mayor Ko Wen-je cheered for contestants of the Youth Division Preliminaries of the 2017 Metro Street Dance Competition on July 22.

The event took place at Sunlight Lobby of MRT Daan Station.

Now in its 13th year, the annual MRT dance competition saw a record-breaking 411 teams vying for the top honor this year. In addition to the youth and adult groups, the event categories also features a new contest -- MV Dance Imitation Contest – which attracted participants from Taiwan’s new immigrant community, as well as Malaysia, Japan, and other countries, Ko pointed out.

Showing his support for street dance, the mayor noted that he has instructed Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) to prioritize street dance among its sponsorship programs. The effort has propelled the competition to grow from a citywide event to a national tournament, attracting groups from across the island to sign up this year. He remarked that a more ambitious goal has been set for TRTC to bring the contest to the international stage.

Ko recalled that he received complaints from high school students about the lack of venue for dancing activities. MRT stations, which provide air conditioning, can be an answer to the problem. He promised that a contact will be established by the city government which will serve as a channel between TRTC and the public to address issues regarding venue rental, sponsorships, and other topics related to street dance.

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