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New Station Names Announced for Wanda Line, Xinyi Line Eastern Extension

New Station Names Announced for Wanda Line, Xinyi Line Eastern Extension

The Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) has completed the naming process for the stations of MRT Wanda Line Phase 1 and MRT Xinyi Line Eastern Extension.

The Wanda Line begins at MRT CKS Memorial Hall Station and heads into southern Taipei via Wanda Road, traveling beneath Taipei Second Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale Market, Xindian River, and into Yonghe and Zhonghe districts of New Taipei City. The entire route is roughly 9.5 km.

The names of the new MRT stations are as follows: MRT Taipei Botanic Garden Station, MRT Xiaan Station, MRT Jiala Station, MRT Yonghe Station, MRT Zhonghe Station, MRT Shuang Ho Hospital Station, MRT Zhonghe Senior High School Station, and MRT Juguang Station.

The eastern extension of the Red (Xinyi) Line comprises only 1 new station – MRT Guangci/Fengtian Temple Station. The additional route travels from MRT Xiangshan Station eastward along Xinyi Road Section 6, taking a turn from Fude Street into Zhongpo South Road before arriving at Yucheng Park. The route is approximately 1.42 km long.

The naming of the stations is the result of in-depth discussions between DORTS and local district and borough offices along the respective routes. The names have been approved by city hall on July 6.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government