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Riverside Children’s Fun Fair to Take Place between July 15 and 23

Riverside Children’s Fun Fair to Take Place between July 15 and 23

The 2017 Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Fair will take place between July 15 and 23. The event lasting 9 days seeks to bring entire families to Dajia Riverside Park to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon next to the river.

The theme of this year’s Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Fair is “Kids Power: Playing at the Water Amusement Park.” The scale of the event is considerably larger than those of past events and will include four major zones spanning aqua-friendly activities, humanities and arts performances, fun games, and kid’s toy DIY class.

The organizers will also hold a Family Day event starting at 1 PM on July 22. The Family Day will comprise activities such as a cosplay contest (winners can bring home as much as NT$4,000 in cash prize) and free giveaway of 100 healthy picnic sets.

According to the mayor, the duration of this event is currently set at 9 days. The organizers will look into the possibilities of extending the Children’s Fun Fear over longer period or adopting paid admission in the future.

Following the first wave of online registration on July 7, the organizers announced that a new round of registration will take place starting noon on July 12. Each session can accommodate up to 50 attendees. A total of 1,350 positions are available over the 9-day period.

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