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2017 Taipei Film Festival

2017 Taipei Film Festival

The opening ceremony for the 2017 Taipei Film Festival (TFF) took place at Zhongshan Hall in the evening of June 29!

The opening film “Great Buddha+” is a highly anticipated film. All three showings during TFF have sold out in a matter of minutes. Director Huang Hsin-yao and film cast including Bamboo Chen, Chuang I-tseng, Ting Kuo-lin, and Lin Yu-chih, and others all attended the opening night.

During the address, Huang noted that the movie builds upon his short film “Great Buddha,” which won the Golden Horse Award for Best Short Film in 2014. To him, the short film was a concept, while the full-length work “Great Buddha+” transforms the concept into something concrete, with a story, and more room for exploration.

The opening film “Great Buddha+”The movie starts with two main characters peeping at the dash cam footage, owner of which runs a car dealership. Producer Yeh Ju-feng praised the film for its unique storytelling method and camera techniques that reflect local characteristics.

The film screenings will take place at Taipei Zhongshan Hall, Shin Kong Cineplex, and Spot Huashan Cinema. The award ceremonies for the International New Talent Competition and Taipei Film Awards will be held on July 4 and 15, respectively.

For more information, please visit the English website of the 2017 Taipei Film Festival ( or the Facebook fan page of the activity in Chinese (

'Great Buddha+' cast at 2017 Taipei Film Festival opening night

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