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City News

New Escalator Installed at MRT Guting Station

New Escalator Installed at MRT Guting Station

Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) announced that a new escalator has been installed at Exit 5 of MRT Guting Station. With work completed on May 26, the facility will open to the public starting 1:30 PM on June 5.

This exit now comprises 2 escalators – one for exiting the station and the other for entering the station.

MRT Guting Station is the transit station for the Green Line (Songshan -Xindian) and the Orange Line (Xinlu), boasting a total of 9 exits. The original design of the station features the standard setup of 1 escalator and 1 staircase for exits 3, 5, and 7. However, to provide more convenience for passengers, 1 more escalator will be added to each of the aforementioned exits.

Meanwhile, Exit 3 of MRT Guting Station will be closed starting June 12 for the installation of a new escalator for stage 2 of the overhaul. Passengers should choose other entrances for accessing the station during the construction period. Work is slated for completion in mid-February of 2018. Installation work for the new escalator at exit 7 will follow, with completion date set for October 2018.

Notices will be posted at the station and broadcast via platform television and “Taipei MRT GO” smartphone app during the construction period. For more information, please visit the Chinese website of the company (, call the company’s 24-hour customer hotline (TEL: 02-218-12345) or the 1999 Citizen Hotline.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government