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Wenshan District Heralds Summer with Tea, Bamboo Shoots Fest

Wenshan District Heralds Summer with Tea, Bamboo Shoots Fest

Wondering where to spend the scorching hot summer?

The Wenshan District Office is joining hands with Muzha Farmers’ Association in holding a series of activities highlighting the district’s specialties--tea and bamboo shoots.

The fun-packed events will kick off on June 6 with the “2017 Green Bamboo Shoots Competition” at the granary of Muzha Farmers’ Association on June 6. Over one hundred bamboo shoot growers will be vying for the “Golden Bamboo Shoot” title in the most celebrated annual fest of Muzha area.

On June 17, “Muzha Tieguanyin – A Season for Teas” will take place at the Mini Skywalk near Maokong Gondola’s Maokong Station. The event will feature a live music performance and a fair showcasing delicacies made with the ingredient of Tieguanyin tea, for example ice tea, ice cream, and tea eggs. The public are welcome to visit the venue and relish the experience of having their senses of hearing, sight, and taste satisfied.
*Note: With Maokong Gondola under scheduled maintenance, visitors are advised to take buses to the event (BR15, S10, Maokong Shuttle Left Line).

The array of summer activities will conclude with “Love in Wenshan – Summer Concert” at Taipei Potted Plant Auction Market on June 24. Against a backdrop of floriculture landscape, visitors will be able to savor local teas while indulging themselves in the beautiful melodies and watching performances brought by the winner of the Universiade dance contest. The event also spotlights raffle sessions and coin pouch giveaway.
*Note: Parking lots are available. The venue can also be accessed by public transportation means (MRT Wanlong Station Exit 3; Buses 530 or 236 at Wugong Elementary School Stop)

To learn more about the summer program, visit (Chinese)

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