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2017 Metro Street Dance Competition

2017 Metro Street Dance Competition

Highlighting the theme of “Taipei, My Sports City,” the 2017 Metro Street Dance Competition is now accepting entries! Nick Chou, the spokesperson for this year’s event and known for the hit song “We broke up because I was too Handsome,” encourages dance experts and enthusiasts to sign up for the contest. Registration period will last until July 9.

A total of NT$820,000 will be given out in prizes this year, with first place winner in each of the categories bringing home NT$160,000! The contest will be divided into Group A (Youth Division) and group B (Adult Division). Second place winner will receive NT$100,000, third place winner will receive NT$500,000. A total of 3 special mentioning for each category will take home NT$200,000 each. The four other teams entering the finals will also win NT$2,500.

Entering its 13th year, the Metro Street Dance Competition is co-organized by the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation and the Cathay United Bank. In addition to starring in the promotional clip for the street dance competition, Chou will also serve as a member of the judge panel during the finals and present the awards to the winners. On the day of the preliminaries, the audience will also see the hip-hop boy’s group TITAN at the venue cheering for the participants.

In addition to street dance tournament, a new category has been added to the event – the “MV Dance Imitation Contest.” Individuals can imitate any dance sequence from their favorite music video and upload their performance onto YouTube and proceed to register at the Metro Street Dance Competition’s website to enter the race. The judge panel will decide the top 10 candidates, who will receive an invitation to compete on stage at the finals on August 5! The contest, open to people from all age groups and gender, offers NT$30,000 for the first place winner, NT$20,000 for the second place winner, and NT$10,000 for the third place winner!

2017 Metro Street Dance Competition Spokesperson Nick ChouPreliminaries (The top ten list of “MV Dance Imitation Contest” will also be announced on the same day):

Venue: Sunlight Lobby, MRT Daan Park Station
Division A
Date: Saturday, July 22.
Time: 1 PM
Note: Top 15 will proceed to the semi-finals
Division B
Date: Sunday, July 23.
Time: 1 PM
Note: Top 15 will proceed to the semi-finals

Semi-finals and MV Dance Imitation Contest (Awards of Imitation Contest will be given out)

Venue: Sunlight Lobby, MRT Daan Park Station
Date: Saturday, August 5.
Time: 1 PM
Note: The top 10 from both Division A and B will proceed to the finals
The finals for the top 10 teams of MV Dance Imitation Contest and award ceremony will be held.


Venue: Sunlight Lobby, MRT Daan Park Station
Date: Saturday, August 12.
Time: 1 PM

For event details, schedule, and registration info, please visit the official Chinese website of the Metro Dance Competition ( or the Chinese website of TRTC (http://www/ You can also call the 24-hour customer service hotline of TRTC (TEL: 02-218-12345) or the 1999 Citizen Hotline.

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