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TAM to Hold Starlit School Session in Yunlin County on May 20

TAM to Hold Starlit School Session in Yunlin County on May 20

Taipei Astronomical Museum (TAM) will organize the “Building a Starlit School” event at Chenguang Elementary School in Yunlin on May 20.

Through the use of gigantic planet-shaped balloons, assembling of portable telescopes, lesson on the starlit sky, and science DIY, the organizers hope that participants will be able to learn about astronomy through fun and games and attract the interest of young students.

The “Viewing the World from the Star, Understand Math and Physics” activity has won funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Science Volunteer Spearhead Project, as well as access to the resources of Cheng Shiu University.

With the aforementioned support, the science volunteers from TAM visit schools to conduct extracurricular learning on the subject of astronomy for teachers and students. They draft plans for astronomy activities and establish bases with astronomical characteristics to promote interest in astronomy.

Over the past 9 years, science volunteers have visited 15 elementary schools across the island, covering a distance of 5,281 kilometers.

A 2-day-1-night astronomy camp will take place at Chenguang Elementary School in Yunlin County’s Beigang Township on May 20. The nighttime stargazing activity will take place in the night of May 20, teaching students about constellations such as Leo, Virgo, Bootes, and Corvus.

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