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Mayor Paints Eyes for Dragon Boats

Mayor Paints Eyes for Dragon Boats

On May 13, Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over the eye-dotting ceremony for the 2017 Taipei International Dragon Boat Festival at Qu Yuan Temple. The temple dedicated to the worship of the ancient Chinese poet is located at Beitou District’s Zhoumei Borough.

To promote the upcoming Taipei Universiade and conduct city diplomacy, the mayor joined Univsersiade mascot Bravo and foreign dignitaries from Germany, Mosco, Nicaragua, Austria, among other countries in performing the traditional rites of river worshipping and took part in a procession.

During his address, the mayor invited the public to participate in a series of activities spanning dragon boat racing, outdoor fairs, egg balancing, and zongzi-wrapping during the Dragon Boat Festival event at Dajia Riverside Park between May 28 and 30.

According to Department of Sports, this year the dragon boat race will see the participation of 226 teams from the island and abroad, including Ulan-Ude, Singapore, Haifa, Manila, Shanghai, Nanjing, and other cities.

The opening ceremony of the annual fest will feature performances by Musou Band—known for a bunch of beauties playing a variety of Chinese musical instruments—and internet celebrity Elvis Tian. On May 29, Dajia Riverside Park will host a fan meeting with the appearance of beloved TV characters in kids’ entertainment—YOYO family.

For more information about the festival, visit (Chinese).

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