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Former Mayor Inspects Garden Rooftop Implementation at Hospital, City Office

 Former Mayor Inspects Garden Rooftop Implementation at Hospital, City Office

Deputy Mayor Charles Lin and former Taipei City Mayor Huang Ta-chou conducted inspection visits to Wanfang Hospital and Guting Land Administration Office to personally experience the results of the city government’s promotion of Garden City policies.

According to Huang, he has over 20 years of experience in rooftop gardens. He pointed out that utilizing limited space on the roof for gardening can help lower the temperature, reduce carbon emission, and lessen the urban heat island effects.

As an example, the rooftop garden at Wanfang Hospital offers a relaxing scenery, helping patients relieve some of their pressure and speeding up their recovery process. Huang hopes that Ko’s policy of implementing the rooftop gardens at city-owned buildings, schools, and hospitals will transform Taipei into a city that is even more suited for living.

Deputy Mayor Lin noted that over 27,808 people are taking part in the garden city initiative, with total space dedicated to the project spanning 101,431 square meters. There are a total of 76 rooftop gardens among the sites. This year’s campaign will focus on the rooftops of schools, public housings, senior welfare facilities, and medical institutions.

Wanfang Hospital Superintendent Lien Gi-shih noted that the hospital’s rooftop garden can trace its origins back to 2010. The project kicked-off with the help from former mayor Huang and other volunteers to create a venue promoting horticultural therapy. Through gardening, patients and family members can leave their worries behind for the time being and enjoy the leisure in the company of nature.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government