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Mayor to Students: Success is Possible only with Courage to Face Failure

Mayor to Students: Success is Possible only with Courage to Face Failure

Mayor Ko Wen-je gave a speech at Shih Hsin University on May 3. The topic of his speech was “My Story.”

Speaking before the students, he stressed that his life is full of accidents and learned early on about the wisdom pertaining to life and death. The most difficult thing is not facing disappointments and challenges, but to retain compassion for the world while facing these letdowns. Citing the incident of him tripping during a relay, he noted that the important thing is to stand up and continue to proceed towards the goal.

On the topic of the accomplishments of his administration, he cited the removal of bus lanes on Zhongxiao West Road, the relocation of Taipei Lantern Festival to the West District, and the West District Gateway Project as examples. He attributed the success of these policies to the support from city staff, contractors, and the public. Through these projects, he realized that taking risks is necessary for innovation, while risk-taking also requires determination.

At the end of his speech, the mayor talked about his experience of riding from the lighthouse in the north of Taiwan to the one at the southern tip of the island in one day. He encouraged the students to hold true to their dreams, noting that success only comes when one is not afraid to fail.

Before the speech, the President of the University Wu Yeong-chyan accompanied the mayor on a visit at the school’s campus and the Radio and Television Building. Ko visited the broadcast room for an interview with student reporters and left a recording for the school radio.

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