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City’s Pet Adoption Centers to Open May 6

City’s Pet Adoption Centers to Open May 6

In light of the zero-euthanasia policy taking effect this year, the Animal Protection Office (APO) announced that the City’s “HOPEMRT” pet adoption centers will officially open on May 6 as a way to help stray cats and dogs find new homes.

According to APO Director Yen I-feng, the agency has joined hands with animal hospital chains and pet businesses in setting up shop to encourage animal adoption since December 28, 2014.

Currently there are 23 adoption centers across Taipei. The City invites more businesses from the private sector to join the ranks of the HOPEMRT facilities, which helps to enhance company image and boost adoption rate, thereby improving the well-being of sheltered animals.

APO noted that a group of volunteers will run adoption events at the HOMEMRT centers on a regular basis. With the number of sheltered animals expected to rise due to the “no-kill” policy, APO seeks to expand and train its volunteer staff to take better care of furry companions and help them overcome anxiety around humans. These measures will boost their chances of adoption.

Those who support the adoption program by bringing home a dog or cat from the HOMEMRT centers will be eligible for eight preferential offers, including one free polyvalent vaccine shot within three years, one free rabies immunization, and one free parasite preventive medication administration.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government