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City News

Kicking off International Day Events for Universiade

Kicking off International Day Events for Universiade

To time with the Summer Universiade 2017, Department of Civil Affairs (DCA) is joining hands with twelve administrative district offices to hold four “International Day” events starting May.

The events consist of 37 cultural performances, 230 stalls, 3 parades, and 9 exhibitions. The organizers hope that the programs, which boast the dynamic diversity of the capital, will add a festive feel to Taipei as it gears up for the international sports event in August.

*Month of the Americas
Organizers: Beitou, Zhongshan, and Shilin district offices
Date: Sunday, May 7
Venue: Taipei Expo Park Sea of Flower Plaza
Highlights: American-style dances and music performance; exhibitions on American cultures; Latin American delicacies; interactive games and quizzes

*Riverside Jazz Night—Africa
Organizers: Songshan, Neihu, and Nangang district offices
Date: Saturday, May 27
Venue: Xikou Wharf
Highlights: djembe performances; lion dances; jazz gigs by local jazz bands and musicians from Mozambique and Australia; outdoor fairs featuring stalls introducing Africa and Oceania

*Europe in Taipei
Organizers: Xinyi, Daan, Wenshan
Date: Sunday, June 4
Venue: Daan Forest Park
Highlights: Recreating scenes from courtyard gardens in Medieval Europe where visitors will be able to savor European food and watch live wind ensemble concerts as the nobles of the Middle Ages did.

*Asian Tour
Organizers: Datong, Wanhua, and Zhongzheng district offices
Date: Saturday, June 24
Venue: Dadaocheng Wharf
Highlights: costume runway show; Bravo marketplace (exchanging points for snacks and Blue Highway tickets); and Bravo stage (exotic songs and dances as well as acrobatics)

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