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Immersed in Rosy Beauty: The Taipei Rose Garden 2017 Spring Exhibition

Immersed in Rosy Beauty: The Taipei Rose Garden 2017 Spring Exhibition

With the opening of the Taipei Rose Garden’s 2017 Spring Exhibition, visitors will sure get a treat of beautiful blooming roses. For the exhibition, the organizers invited students from the National Taiwan Normal University’s (NTNU) Department of Fine Arts to exhibit their paintings which use “roses” as the theme at the “Taipei Archive Botanic Garden” (formerly known as the Pavilion of the Future).

Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) Director Huang Li-yuan noted that the rose exhibition at the Taipei Expo Park’s Xinsheng Park is an event that floral enthusiasts look forward to each year. The 2017 Spring Exhibition will take place starting Tuesday, March 14 and will last until Friday, March 31.

The exhibition is being held at the rose garden behind the Xinsheng Park Office. The venue is located at the northwestern corner of Xinsheng Park. The rose garden is the result of detailed planning by PSLO and utilizes up to several thousand batches of roses, creating an outdoor rose “classroom” for visitors to enjoy.

This year, the organizers teamed up with the students from NTNU to display painting and sketches at the Taipei Archive Botanic Garden, incorporating beautiful roses and art creations to create a visual treat for visitors.

Clustered roses exude attractive softness. Single-strand roses are lovely in their own right.

Director Lin Hsien-ta of PSLO Yuanshan Park Management Division pointed out that the term “Decoupage” originated from the French language. The art form is created by cutting out and arranging beautiful patterns for decoration of household furniture or items. This time, decoupage will be used for combining patterns of roses with bags during the opening event of the exhibition.

Dean Huang Chin-lung of NTNU College of Arts commented that as a member of the family of Rosaceae, roses embody the concepts of love and beauty. Carrying the blood of the goddess of love – or even the manifestation of the goddess of beauty, roses represent the passion among human beings. Rose is a common language for expressing love and affection. Roses of different colors also carry different meanings, while the presence of thorns coexists with the flower’s passionate and free nature.

Through their eyes and their hands, artists can fully highlight the unique beauties they perceive from these gorgeous plants. Their interpretations of the flower’s beauty will be demonstrated through their artworks displayed at the exhibition at Taipei Archive Botanic Garden.


MRT: Disembark at MRT Yuanshan Station and follow the signs to Xinsheng Park.


  1. Disembark at Minzu E. Road Intersection stop for buses 279, 285, 606, and 109 (holiday).
  2. Disembark at Xinsheng Park stop for buses 285, R50, 665, and M9.
  3. Disembark at Xinsheng Park (Lin Antai) stop for buses 72 and 222.
  4. Disembark at Xinsheng Park (Lin Antai Museum) stop for bus 527.
  5. Disembark at Lin Antai Historical Home stop for buses R34 and M9 (holiday).   

YouBike: Take the bicycle from MRT Yuanshan Station Exit 2 to Lin An-tai Historical Home rental station.

Hybrid tea roses Blooming roses at Taipei Rose Garden

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