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DOS Receives Slipper Table Tennis Tournament Representatives from Yamaguchi

DOS Receives Slipper Table Tennis Tournament Representatives from Yamaguchi

On March 13, the Department of Sports (DOS) Deputy Commissioner Liu Ning-tian met with the members of the delegation from Yudaonsen Slipper Table Tennis Tournament. The group from Japan’s Yamaguchi Prefecture was led by Executive Chairperson Kimika Nishioka.

The objective of the delegation is to promote the sixth “Yudaonsen Indoor Slipper Table Tennis Tournament” and the “NITTAKU Cup Yudaonsen International Table Tennis Competition” events slated for June 17 and 18, 2017.

According to Chairperson Nishioka, the Yudaonsen Indoor Slipper Table Tennis Tournament is unlike standard table tennis matches. The contestant must play table tennis using slippers instead of table tennis pads and wear yukata (Japanese casual kimono).

The highly challenging table tennis style is a tradition for Japanese hot spring resorts, and the event attracts over 400 participants nationwide each year. This year, the organizers seek to promote the tournament abroad while holding the NITTAKU Cup Yudaonsen International Table Tennis Competition at the same time. Hopefully, visiting tours will have the opportunity to experience Japanese culture along with enjoying the hot springs.

In addition to welcoming the guests from Yamaguchi, DOS Deputy Commissioner Liu also invited the delegation members and the Japanese public to visit Taiwan in August, during the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei.

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