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Space Fortress Slide at Youth Park Returns

Space Fortress Slide at Youth Park Returns

Being a part of the playground facility at Youth Park, the Space Fortress Slide received a complete overhaul and is back to serve young residents this month, offering additional new functions!

As a major sports park of the city, the Youth Park boasts facilities spanning swimming pool, golf practice grounds, softball field, tennis court, basketball court, and roller skating rink. There are also several playground facilities for kids, including the “Space Fortress” slide.

The upgrade of the Space Fortress includes the installment of a new sandbox. According to experts, sandboxes allow children to contact sand with their hands, thereby stimulating the development of their brain, as well as their innovation and creativity. There are also faucets for kids and adults to rinse their hands and feet.

The fortress has been expanded from 4 to 6 “castle pillars.” The overall appearance is also more modern. Paintings of robots and space have been added to the interior parts on the first floor and the second floor “roof” of the complex.

Parks and Street Lights Office Director Huang Li-yuan noted that the concept of kids’ playground changes with time. Through the process of playing, kids learn to interact with friends, society, and each other. The agency incorporates public participation and diversified playthings to create a park that provides kids with challenges, as well as opportunities for exploration and learning.

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  • Updated: 2017/3/13 15:06
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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government