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City News

City to Hold Certified Poultry Tasting Session

City to Hold Certified Poultry Tasting Session

To prevent the further spread of bird flu, the Council of Agriculture ordered a 7-day-long mandatory shutdown of poultry slaughterhouses around the nation.

The Taipei Poultry Wholesale Market has adopted preventative measures and efforts on disinfection to ensure the safety of Taipei’s poultry supply. It also redoubled efforts on monitoring the health certificate of entering poultry and sanitation checks of poultry slaughter.

The poultry provided by Taipei Poultry Wholesale Market has all been inspected by vets and met inspection officials assigned by the Executive Yuan Council of Agriculture’s Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine. The certified product also carries a label for identification purposes.

To minimize the impact of bird flu upon poultry sales, Taipei Livestock Marketing Corporation and store representatives from Taipei Poultry Wholesale Market will join hands in organizing a free sesame oil chicken tasting event at Taipei Poultry Wholesale Market starting at 10 AM on March 12.

In addition to inviting well-known chefs to the event, a total of 2,000 servings of chicken cooked in sesame oil will be given away to visitors, hoping to warm their stomach during the cold weekend.

Taipei Poultry Wholesale Market
Address: No. 338, Section 2, Huanhe South Road, Wanhua District

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